Observation of Tao and Te

Te is a state of being through which Tao can move.
Te feeds the flow of Tao.
To experience Te you have to become empty like a hollow reed, through which the wind blows.
Learn to do nothing and you will be able to experience Te.

These little observations are the counterpart to the busy life ‘out there’.
– But you know what? There is no ‘outside’ at all.

You experience pressure in your life ‘outside’ yourself, when you experience pressure inside yourself. Not the other way around. The outer world is only a mirror of your own inner world.

With this little fragments I would like to give you the chance to calm down for just one minute. Only look at the fragments and observe. Do nothing… and you become calmer all by yourself.


  • If you would like to know more about ‘Te and Tao’ you can read the texts of the ‘Tao te Ching’ [Lao Tzu].
  • If you became calmer from watching these little scenes, next time just go outside and observe a little plant or a tree. Just be there and do nothing.

First fragment | 18 sec.
Second fragment | 23 sec.
Third fragment | 24 sec.