Natural initiation

On this blog I let nature (including my own nature) speak. I also show creative processes that arise in collaboration with nature, like ‘out of nowhere’. When silence extends, a ‘space’ is opened that spontaneously and intuitively creates everything that should be created.

Nature. What does she tell us when we really stop, look at her, look into her, marvel, admire… enjoy with all our senses (and beyond)? How can she inspire, enliven and enchant us again with her unaffected beauty, her direct expression and her magical attraction?

Nature can lead us back to ourselves. She shows us how we can calm down again. She teaches us to trust ourselves again, to live and just to be there. Once we recognize her inexhaustible wealth, we may also recognize this in ourselves (again).

[By the way: You do not necessarily have to walk the Way of St. James to experience this. The forests near by – even your garden! – can do the same. ;)]

So now I invite you to poke around a little bit on this blog …or take a look at the ART OF NATURE creations. Just intuitively feel what appeals to you, what inspires you, what touches your senses.

I wish you a lot of inspiration.


PS: I always write the texts in the language that comes up in me spontaneously. That can be English, German or Dutch.