I love nature.

I live creative processes.

I learn the art of pure being


– from nature.

My name is Annica.


I am a multidisciplinary artist. [visual art | design | writing | photography | sculpture | illustration | music… ]


With my ‘Art of Nature’ creations I want to invite & inspire you to follow your own path: the path deep into the infinite silence within yourself. There, and only there, you will find EVERYTHING you have ever looked for (in the outside world).


All my artwork is based on natural & pure materials for example clay, wood, metal, plant parts and food. Also it’s created from (what I call) a ‘natural state of being’. In this kind of empty space there is no me & you, no limitation, no form, no judgment or knowledge, beliefs …or even time… From this ‘nothing’ arises everything – prosperously & effortless.


Nature includes new begin, growth, development, creativity, change, transience, abundance, transformation and more. So, it acts as a mirror of our own life process, cause we are nature. In a natural way plants, trees or animals etc. talk to me, and if I just observe intuitively and listen carefully, they tell me a lot about this life on earth … and about the next step in my ART OF NATURE – projects.

For me, life is a natural process full of impressions, art is an expression of this pure process.


I hope you enjoy discovering the creations & inspirations you will find on this site. Have fun & stay healthy.




My way back home

///\\\ SINCE 2020 Owner: Art&Design–Gallery with store (Ideeënrijk® & ART of NATURE) in het Gildehof te Doesburg, Nederland ///\\\ SINCE 2020 New personal website with artwork since 2020: ART OF NATURE www.artofnature.earth ///\\\ AUCTION 2019 07|07 Kunstveiling | Artwork:Childhood’ (no. II) Relation: Culturele zondag te Doesburg & lustrum ‘5 jaar Kunstlab’ Location: Kunstlab Doesburg ///\\\ EXPO 2019 01 t/m 30|06 Artwork:Staphorst’ Framework: Groepsexpositie, thema ‘Zonnewende’ Relation: Kunstlab Doesburg Location: Kunstlab Doesburg ///\\\ EDUCATION 2019 Kruidengeneeskunde | Bijscholing, Civas ///\\\ COLUMN 2018 Column about psoriasis disease ‘Kunst als zelftherapie’ in ‘Happy met je huid magazine 2018’ Framework:De kracht van kwetsbaarheid’ Relation: Happy met je huid festival’ Stichting Huidpatiënten Nederland ///\\\ LECTURE 2018 Lecture about psoriasis disease, my artworks ‘Dots’, ‘Dots but different’, ‘Sick of it all& photo presentation Framework:De kracht van kwetsbaarheid’ Relation:Happy met je huid festival’ 29|09|2018 Stichting Huidpatiënten Nederland Location: Landgoed Heerlijkheid Mariënwaerdt, Beesd ///\\\ PUBLIC 2018 Artwork:ChildhoodRelation: Pakje kunst Framework: Initiatief van Ronald Schrauwen | Landelijk project Location: Nederland ///\\\ EDUCATION 2017-2018 | Creatieve Therapie | Coaching/ bijscholing, Civas ///\\\ EXPO 2017 Artwork:Made by nature’ & ‘Cold meats universe’ Framework:Dat snijdt hout’ Location: Art Gallery ‘Smashing colours’ | Goirle ///\\\ LECTURE 2015 Autobiographical lecture about my artworks & photopresentation Framework:Kwetsbaarheid’ Relation: Humanistisch Café Nederland ///\\\ EDUCATION 2013-2014 | Coaching – context & procesgericht (specialisatie: hoogbegaafdheid & hoogsensitiviteit) | NTI, Leiden ///\\\ EXPO 2013 Artwork:Cold meats universe’ Framework: ‘mEATing – kill your darlings’ Relation: Strichting mEATing Location: King cuisine factory Tilburg-Udenhout ///\\\ PUBLIC 2013 Radiolecture ‘Het chagrijnige varken II’ @ Omroep Tilburg | Framework:Vlekkie & Spekkie’ ///\\\ LECTURE 2013Het chagrijnige varken II’ Framework: mEATing – kill your darlings’ Relation: Stichting mEATing Location: King cuisine factory Tilburg-Udenhout ///\\\ PUBLIC 2013 Artwork:Cold meats universe’ @ Brabants Dagblad | Framework: Stichting mEATing ///\\\ LECTURE 2013Het chagrijnige varken II’ @ Cultuurnacht Tilburg Location: Bisschop Zwijsen Kapel Tilburg ///\\\ PUBLIC 2013 Interview about my artistry @ Omroep Tilburg Framework: Cultuurnacht Tilburg ///\\\ ART-WORK 2013 Co-organizer & support Framework:mEATing – kill your darlings’ Relation: Strichting mEATing Location: Tilburg ///\\\ ART-WORK 2013 Musicproject: Het chagrijnige varken I’ Framework: Lyrics for song ‘Pigs’ Location: Tilburg ///\\\ ART-WORK 2013 Backrdrop pictures for theatre performance Framework:Curly tales – requiem’ Location: Factorium Tilburg ///\\\ ART-WORK 2013 Hulpboer ‘Vlekkie & Spekkie’ Framework:mEATing – kill your darlings’ Relation: Varkenshuis & Strichting mEATing EXPO 2012 Artwork: ‘Dots’ Framework: Incubate – Open source exposition Relation: Incubate Location: Koepelhal Tilburg ///\\\ EXPO 2011 Artwork:Regular carnivore’ Framework: Future of food festival Location: Binnenstad Tilburg ///\\\ ART-WORK 2011 Artwork:The photodance’ Framework: Philosophical meeting ‘Ragnarök – het lot van de goden’ Location: Boot#ErTuin Tilburg ///\\\ EXPO 2011 Artwork: ‘Meat your nightmare’ Framework: ‘Decemberlicht III’ Location: Argument Vertoningsruimte Tilburg ///\\\ PUBLIC 2011 Artwork: Meat your nightmare’ @ Brabants Dagblad Framework: Decemberlicht III’ ///\\\ PUBLIC 2011 Interview about my participation & artistry @ Oproep Brabant TV Documentation:Decemberlicht III’ on YouTube ///\\\ EXPO 2011 Artwork: ‘Dots – but different’ Framework: Philosophical meeting ‘Clearing memories’ Location: Boot#ErTuin Tilburg ///\\\ EDUCATION 2010-2011 | Filosofie | Radboud Universiteit, Nijmegen ///\\\ LECTURE 2010 Lecture about my artistry & artprojects: ‘Art diaries 2008, 2009 & 2010’ Relation: mEATing – mens en vlees Location: Stichting Ateliers Tilburg ///\\\ EXPO 2010 Artworks:Dots’ & ‘Art diaries 2008, 2009 & 2010’ Framework: mEATing – mens en vlees Location: Stichting Ateliers Tilburg ///\\\ EXPO 2010 Artworks: Dots’, ‘Hardehausen’ & ‘Art diaries 2008, 2009 & 2010’ Framework: Eindexamenexpositie AKV St. Joost Location: Breda ///\\\ PUBLIC 2010 Artwork: Dots’ @ NRC Next Section:In beeld’ ///\\\ PUBLIC 2010 Interview NRC about my artistry & artwork ‘Dots’ & ‘Art diaries’ Framework: NRC next ‘In beeld’ ///\\\ ART-WORK 2010 Organisation exhibition Framework: Kika Location: Gemeentehuis Tilburg ///\\\ EXPO 2010 Artwork:Meat your nightmare’ Framework:Fotos achter ramen’ Location: Tuinstraat Tilburg ///\\\ LECTURE 2010Het chagrijnige varken I’ Framework:Fotos achter ramen’ Location: Tuinstraat Tilburg ///\\\ INTERNSHIP 2009 at Paul Bogaers, Tilburg (Noord Brabant) ///\\\ EXPO 2009 (solo) Artwork:Melancholia’ Framework:Maak depressie bespreekbaar’ Location: Sounds Tilburg ///\\\ EXPO 2009 (solo) Artwork:Pure Nepal’ Framework:Privacy project Nepal’ Location: Tweesteden Ziekenhuis Tilburg ///\\\ ART-WORK 2009 Portfolio-viewing @ Studio Erwin Olaf Location: Studio Erwin Olaf Antwerpen ///\\\ EXPO 2008 (solo) Artwork:Pure Nepal’ Framework:Privacy Project Nepal’ Location: Tafels&zo Tilburg ///\\\ EXPO 2007 (solo) Artwork:Melancholia’ Framework:Maak depressie bespreekbaar’ Location: Tafels&zo Tilburg ///\\\ EDUCATION 2005-2010 | Kunstacademie | AKV St. Joost, Breda (Bachelor of design, Eindexamen 2010) ///\\\ ART-WORK 2005 Musicproject: Lyrics & composition ‘Magengeschwür’ with S.K.G. & K. Kentie ///\\\ EDUCATION 2004-2005 | Kunstacademie – Zaterdagacademie | AKV St. Joost, Den Bosch ///\\\ EXPO 2003 (solo) Artworks: ‘Insects’ Location: Metamorfose Groningen ///\\\ INTERNSHIP 2003 at Stellmacher & Jensen – Großraum & Festival Dekoration Location: Warburg (DE) ///\\\ INTERNSHIP 2002 at Atelier Käuper Location: Paderborn (DE) ///\\\ EDUCATION 2002-2004 | Kunst & Design | HWB Fachoberschule für Gestaltung, Paderborn (DE) ///\\\ EDUCATION 2001-2002 | Sozial & Gesundheitswesen | HWB Berufsfachschule, Paderborn (DE) ///\\\